JD Archery Crossbows

Ravin R29 Testimonial
The first shot with the Crossbow from 20 yards when through the dead stop target I had been using with my previous 410 fps crossbow.  Took three shorts from 50 yards and had about a 1 1/2" group.
JD archery Crossbow
Made adjustments to the scope per the instructions, 4 click down, 2 click left and shot the following from 50 yards.
JD Archery Ravin R29
This is a three shot group that measures 1 1/16"
JD Archery Ravin R29
Ravin R29
The bow is very fast, 435 fps, very quiet for a cross bow, extremely accurate, very easy to cock, allows to uncock without having to shoot a bolt, automatically puts the safety on when cocking the cross bow.  Easy to read safety on side of bow, has very comfortable grip when shooting, good trigger release, quiet safety on and off, Straight line firing seems to eliminate any string contact / wear, comes with cocking handle, three arrow quiver and six arrows.  The two groups above were shot with the standard .003 straight bolts, .001 could only improve accuracy. Ravin claims a 3" 100 yard group with their crossbow.  After shooting the Ravin R29 I believe them.