JD Archery Range Services

 Our Archery Range

Our range fees run $8 per hour.  You can shoot at targets up to 20 yards out.  Our back stop is high tech compressed foam materials so removing arrows is a breeze even if you are shooting 80 pounds.

We offer video range shooting for $8 per half hour or $12 per hour.  When shooting the video system you choose the animal that you want to hunt.  This is like a live action hunt as the video is in motion.


We offer lessons for the beginner through the most advanced shooter for $35 per hour.  Lessons are broken down into 15 minutes sessions.  Weather you are a novice trying to get on the paper or an advanced shooter with a specific problem Joe can help.  We appreciate a call to schedule lessons but do take walk-ins on occasion.

  JD Archery Video and Bow Range